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How we started:


Early morning on August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. It left hundreds of thousands of people and their animals homeless. Three ladies volunteered there time taking care of the 4 legged companions, Delana Huggins, Denise Smith, and Margaret Maranto decided to start a rescue group (WEE BEE) Benji Come Home Rescue Corp.


After all the companions we rescued were placed, we felt like we could not stop there. That’s when we started working on our own rescue, getting our name and our 501(c) 3. Once everything was thumbs up, we started our own rescue group named (WEE BEE) Benji Come Home Rescue Group. We named it after a little terrier whose name was BENJI, and he was stolen from our rescue. This was during a bad winter storm that had left many without power. Three days after searching to find him, he was found by his pen frozen in a pile of hay. He had come home. We bought him a casket and he was buried under a tree at the rescue for which bears his name.



One of funnier rescues was we were eating at the Meers Store restaurant in Meers, OK when a call came in, a lady found 2 golden retrievers in her pool. They were getting very tired and she was afraid that they were going to drown. The pool had been drained for the winter, but there was still water in the deep end of the pool. First to think was Delana all she could think was to strip and jump in after them, then there was a rope which Denise and Margaret tied to the ladder. A young lady from another rescue was visiting us at Meers Store eating with us. We formed a human chain holding on to each other. Delana made her way down to the deep end of the pool. She was able to grab the collar of the first one and handed him up the human chain. She then was able to get a hold of the second one, the dogs were so happy to get out of the cold water. The dogs rolled around and ran for joy.


Delana got dried off and back into her clothes just in the fix of time. The fire department had showed up, we told them what happened. They wanted to know if the companions wanted to go for a swim they wanted a picture of the rescue, which was A “NO”.


Again this is just one example of our many funnier rescues.


This is why Delana Huggins was our wonderful President & CEO for past 14 years.


Delana has officially retired as of July 2020.

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Opening up your life to a dog who needs a home is one of the most fulfilling things you can do.

Emma Kenney

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself
Josh Billings

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