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We know you are aware that Benji Come Home Rescue, Corp is dependent upon the generosity of its donors, people like you, people that truly recognize the service Benji Come Home Rescue, Corp provides to not only Cotton County but to Comanche County, parts of Tilman County, Jefferson County, Stephens County, Grady County, Kiowa County, and parts of Wichita County Texas. We know you understand why it is necessary for us to ask the community to help sustain the lives of those animals within our care. Your contributions make a difference, through your generosity the day-to-day lives of these animals includes food, medical care, grooming, tick and flea control and loving care. We utilize several ways to donate as they offer the securest platforms for making donations online. If you wish to donate a in-kind item please click on our wish-list for items that we are currently in need of.  


Donate via PayPal

including recurring donations.

Support Benji Come Home Rescue Corp when you shop or sell on eBay. This is made possible by the eBay for Charity program which has helped eBay buyers and sellers donate hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of charities (and we’re one of them!)

  •  • MAKE US YOUR FAVORITE! First, personalize your shopping experience to benefit our organization by making us your Favorite charity on eBay. This will help us more than you know.
  •  • DONATE TO US IN EBAY CHECKOUT: By making us your Favorite, you will automatically see Benji Come Home Rescue Corp as your preferred charity when you buy anything on eBay, making it easy to add $1 or more upon checkout.
  •  • SELL YOUR ITEMS TO BENEFIT US: Last but not least, help us instead of a thrift store: sell your used items on eBay and donate as little as 10% (1% for vehicles) or up to 100% of your sale to benefit us. When you sell, simply look for the eBay for Charity signature blue and yellow ribbon next to “Make a donation.” Check out the benefits you’ll receive:
    •     + eBay will waive your Final Value Fees to the extent you donate. (e.g. donate 20% and see 20% of your Final Value Fees waived)
    •     + The tax credit from all of your donations is yours to keep.
    •     + Items that benefit charity sell better, as buyers trust sellers that support charity more.
    •     + Help the world by upcycling/recycling. Plenty of items that might otherwise end up in a landfill can be readily used by others that may not have the means to buy something new.
    •     + Feel good for doing good.
  •  • SELL YOUR USED VEHICLE TO BENEFIT US: Unlike other charity auto programs, you can sell your used vehicle on eBay and donate up to 100% to benefit Benji Come Home Rescue Corp. This often can result in a larger donation than the $500 or less you may receive from a dedicated charity auto program. Sell and donate the proceeds today.

Please make a donation to our shelter, even better make it a recurring donation. Determine the amount of your annual donation! (Listed below are a few suggested amounts and an example of how your donation could help.) Just click on one of the donations button’s above.


$5 per month ($60 per year)
could provide one rescue dog with vaccines.

$10 per month ($120 per year)
could provide one rescue dog a heartworm test per month.

$20 per month ($240 per year)
could provide a month of food and shelter for a rescue animal.


Matching Gift By Your Employer?




Did you know that you might be able to double the impact of your donation today through a matching gift by your employer? Your gift could go twice as far toward helping the homeless pets at Benji Come Home Rescue Corp.



Many employers offer matching gift programs that double or even triple charitable contributions made by their employees. Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses, too.




Head on over to your company’s website & download your company’s matching gift form and mail and/or email your completed form to:


Attn: Treasurer
PO Box 924

Elgin, OK 73538-0924

Please indicate in the subject line Company Matching Gift form or if you have any questions.


Or, if your company provides a link to their matching gift form online, fill out the information online and use that to log in and submit your request.

Not sure if your company offers a Match Program? Check with your human resources department. A billion tail wags in advance.


The Rescue accepts all donations and divides them towards the General Fund and Renovations Fund. Don’t forget your donations are 100% tax deductible! Thank you for your support!

These are items that we currently need at the rescue. 

o   Envelopes for thank you letters

o   Toilet Paper

o   Purina Puppy Chow

o   Purina or KalCan Dry Dog Food

o   Copy Paper (White & Colored)

o   Canned dog  no alpo or gravy train Purina is Preferred

o   Metal Spray Nozzles for Hoses (need to have female connector to hose and male spray connection)

o   Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt, 6 Volt)

o   Disinfecting Wipes

o   Paper Towels

o   Rubber Gloves (Cleaning)

o   39 & 13 Gallon Trash Bag with Draw Strings

o   100% Pure Canned Pumpkin (Not the pumpkin pie version)

o   Surgical Gloves (All Sizes that are powder and Latex Free)

o   Laundry Detergent (HE and Regular) Prefer Gain or Tide regular scent

o   Glade Air Fresheners Refills

o   Large Push Brooms

o   Puppy Food & Formula

o   Industrial Hoses (25 foot, 100 foot, 50 foot, 10 foot) for Cleaning Runs

o   Metal Dog Pooper Scoopers

o   Gift Cards for Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot

o   Assorted Interactive Pet Toys

o   6ft.  ½ inch Foot Slip Leads Made By Mendota


Our tax-id for tax deduction purposes is 13-4340737.  You may also search the IRS website here for our tax information as well.

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