February 1, 2022: We have reached capacity at our facility and we have relaxed our COVID-19 Restrictions. We are slowly

returning to a semi normal operation. We will be returning to normal operations for adoptions. The pandemic has impacted us all here at the rescue. Donations may still be made the donation page and through the United States Postal Service.


COVID-19 & Benji Come Home Rescue’s Response


These are certainly trying times and very uncharted waters that we are all of sudden being thrown into. But know this we are all in this together and we will ALL get through this. 


There are links below to the CDC & Oklahoma State Dept of Health COVID-19 guidelines.


We are considered an “essential business” and we at the rescue are following CDC guidelines, Social Distancing Guidelines as well as State and County recommendations. To that note though unfortunately those wishing to volunteer and help we are restricting access to our facility and operating on a contingency basis, as such the facility is closed to volunteers and is being managed by our in house caretakers who reside on the property. Law and animal enforcement officer’s drop-offs will continue as they always have and shall follow CDC & Social distancing guidelines. Those adoptions with required in-home evaluations as well as required first time adoption home inspections are also suspended until further notice.  This was a very difficult decision to make but it is for the best given the State of Oklahoma’s current Executive Order’s, guidelines,  local restrictions and shelter-in-place orders.


Donations are still being accepted via our donations page and via us mail. In person donations of food or supplies we are asking that if you still choose to do this that you let us know in advance and that social distancing guidelines MUST be followed. If you are unable to get a hold of us you may leave unopened bags of food or supplies inside the blue container located at the facilities main gate.


We thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times and that You & Your Families Are Healthy and Safe and again together we will ALL get through this and beat this Pandemic.


From Our Family to Yours,


Benji Come Home Rescue, Corp.



CDC Guidelines

Oklahoma COVID-19 Guidelines


1/2 Side of Beef Raffle scheduled to begin in June 2022. Details coming soon check our events page.

How Many we Saved





We Love and care for ALL Dogs…

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Found Dog

If you have found a wandering pet near our rescue please call us anytime. All of our animals are tagged and some may have a microchip. If the dog does not have a collar call us or please visit a veterinarian closest to you to see if there is a microchip id tag present.

Pet Food Assistance

Pet food is one of our number one expenses here at the rescue. Through donations from local businesses and donations from supporters like you we have plans in the near future to begin a Pet Food Pantry designed to help out those who can not afford food for their pets. We can not give out large amounts of food, but we can give enough to feed your pet for a short time up to two weeks worth. Canines that are adopted out by Benji Come Home Rescue receive as part of the adoption process one small bag of food for you to ween them into your preferred brand of kibble as outlined in your adoption contract.

Question & Answer

Do we accept all types of animals?

While yes most shelters take in all sorts of animals, we here at Benji Come Home Rescue are focused on canines of all types. We do have room for several Horses, but our main focus and mission is toward dogs.

Do you offer Veterinarian Services?

We do not have an in house vet. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue. We utilize several local veterinarians for our rescues needs to assure that all our dogs receive the proper care they require in regards to exams, medications, flea and tick controls.

Do you accept donations?

Yes. We do accept donations via our donation page we also accept donations of other items used in the course of everyday business. We do accept mailed donations as well though we do request those be sent directly to our treasurer. Please do not mail cash attend one of our fundraisers or adoption events to donate cash. All donations are 100% tax free our tax-id for deduction purposes is 13-4340737, Donations go directly into the rescue and the animals. We are all volunteers here and do not profit from any donation so every penny helps us run and maintain the rescue.

How does the surrender a pet work?

We have a page on our site that explains how to surrender a pet. We do ask for a fee to surrender, but if you can not afford the whole fee we will work with you. We are a NO KILL shelter so we are limited on space, but if you can not find any other way to re-home your pet we will take in your pet and find him or her a new home.

Community Advice & Help Forum

Click here to join our discussion forum. There you can register to seek the advice or recommendations from others whether it be about adopting a dog to recommendations on veterinarians, groomers or which dog foods are better. It is the place for everyone to gather and help each other out. This forum is monitored though and users who depict negative, hurtful, anti adoption or any other demeaning non pet related information will be banned from the forum. AS always if you suspect someone is abusing or neglecting their pet or their pet is in grave danger please contact your Local Authorities or Local Chapter of the ASPCA as soon as possible.

Meet Our Dedicated Volunteers

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Riley King

Secretary & Volunteer

Delana Huggins

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Coon, Jr.

President & CFO

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